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Please stop in the store and enjoy our daily coffee specials!

Mocha Monday:

A Hot 20 oz (or 16 oz Iced) Mocha of your choice for $3.95!

Chai Latte Tuesday:

16 oz Hot or Iced Spiced, Vanilla, or Caramel Chai for $2.95

Sugar-Free Available!

Chiller Wednesday:

16 oz Chillers for $3.95!

Mocha, Caramel, Praline, Cardinal flavors!

Smoothie Thursday (Spring/Summer) or Hot Chocolate (Fall/Winter):

16 oz Smoothies for $3.99! Or 20 oz Hot Chocolate for $3.40!

Smoothie flavors include strawberry, strawberry banana, peach/pear/apricot lemonade, four berry, peach, mango, pina colada, pineapple, and many more!

Create Your Own Hot Chocolate! Variations include peppermint, toasted marshmallow, tuxedo, turtle, and more!

Latte Friday:

A Hot 20 oz (or 16 oz Iced) Plain or Flavored Latte for $3.45!

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